Best Free Online Games Sites

If you’re feeling bored, or simply need a break from the monotony of work, finding the best free online games sites can provide you with entertainment and amusement. After spending a few minutes playing, you should feel refreshed and back in the mood to carry on with your mundane computing chores.


The trouble with many free online games sites is that they often require you to sign up before you play. Any sensible person nowadays is wary of giving their email address to a site they are unfamiliar with. After all, would you give your name,address and telephone number to any stranger in the street who asked you for it? I know I wouldn’t.


Other online games sites spawn lots of annoying popup windows, some of which manage to evade even the best popup blocker software.


On other sites, there are often distracting advertisements on the screen which ruin your gameplay and make it harder for you to achieve your high scores.


I love playing online games, but I just want to get to the best ones with a minimum of fuss and start playing without wasting my precious time. I’ve sbobet done some research (probably too much for my own good) to try and identify the factors which make some free games sites good and others a waste of time.


The best free online games sites:


Offer different types of games, such as arcade, shooting, MMO, puzzle and word games as well as brain trainers

Provide games for all ages

Have a good number of games to choose from

Use only standard plugins like Shockwave and Flash


The worst free online games sites:


Spawn irritating popup windows

Demand that you to sign up before you are allowed to play

Display annoying, distracting ads alongside the game

Require you to download their software

Insist that you download their toolbar


Playing online games can stimulate or relax you, depending on the games you choose. When you have found the best free online games sites, you will want to revisit them time and time again, so don’t forget to bookmark them.