The Best Ways to Trick Your Wife Into Cheating

Here are some of my suggestions on how to have affairs without getting caught, presuming you’re already quite adept at doing so. Naturally, it works for me, but you and your wife are the only ones who really know your wife, so you might have to adapt some of my tactics to suit your requirements.


Being covert


Never tell a living person. Ships sink with open jaws. Nothing is worse than getting away with adultery, bragging about it to a buddy, who then confides in his wife, starting the Chinese Whispers.

As thrilling as your affair may seem, you must keep it a secret from everyone. Create your own blog, like I did, or an anonymous account on Reddit or Twitter, and brag away, if you so choose. If you have an affair you should know about cheat on your wife tips.

If you share even a minor secret with a select few close friends, there will always be that one individual who makes you feel horrible. You know the one; they’ve been together for a long time, perhaps since they were about 16 years old, and they’d never hide any information from them. Eventually, the same friend will drive you crazy. They won’t see that you’re only having fun, and they’ll take advantage of any opportunity to make you feel guilty.

If some of your friends disagree with your decisions in life, that’s acceptable. If you don’t inform them, they won’t even get a chance to express their ideas, which may be for the best.


Never leave a trace


My wife has a bad habit of using my phone all the time. She uses my phone occasionally because she just doesn’t want to get up to grab her own, not because she’s inquisitive. And suspicions begin to rise the instant you start to come off as evasive. As a result, I deliberately avoid using WhatsApp or iMessage. I either stick to the texting features on dating services or use three solid apps.

My wife doesn’t even know what these applications are, therefore she would never bother to look there. If the programmes don’t delete the messages on their own, I also make it a point to do them manually. If I have ever phoned my affair partner, I also delete the call history. Don’t bring such things inside, and don’t let your wife use your phone often. You are only creating conflict.


Never use a card to make a purchase; never use cash


Nothing is worse than getting away with having passionate sex in a hotel only to have the statement questioned a month later. That is an egregiously incompetent action.

Pay in cash or digital currencies at all times. Otherwise, you are almost begging for your affair to be found out. Remember that you don’t want to do any harm to your lover. They’ll begin to doubt you if they see items on your credit card bill that are perplexing. The fewer people who know, the better, I can promise you. Close friends of yours in committed relationships won’t ever be able to understand your choices.


Never take a screenshot or a picture


Receiving photos is enjoyable, but they also act as documentation. Exhibit A will be these in the end. Additionally, bear in mind that if you utilize the Apple Ecosystem, these precise photographs can wind up being synchronized across all of your family’s devices. Nothing is more embarrassing than having your 5-year-old daughter unintentionally come across images of naked women while using her iPad to complete her homework. Never to take picture or screenshot is the part of cheat on your wife tips.

Can you even imagine how embarrassing it would be? No matter how beautiful they are, it doesn’t matter if you’re shooting photos out of worry that your husband will see them. Make sure your affair partner is aware of the stringent no-texting rule and keep the phone away from the bed. Avoid changing your password at all costs since doing so is a clear sign that you are hiding anything.